Makari De Suisse Exclusive Active Intense Unify & Illuminate Toning Glycerin


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Recommended for all skin types except sensitive

Treat hyperpigmentation with our Exclusive Toning Glycerin. Let this silky formula glide onto your body as it locks in moisture for a healthier-looking appearance. Infused with our exclusive brightening complex, the toning glycerin helps fade body discolorations such as liver spots and scars, creating a more radiant complexion.

Apply this glycerin evenly on your body 3 times a week at night on cleansed, dampened skin to seal in moisture. This is a body only product and must be used with sunscreen when spending time outdoors to prevent future hyperpigmentation.

Key ingredients: 

  • Organiclarine:  A naturally based, proprietary non-chemical skin lightening ingredient
  • Carrot Oil:  Smooths skin and provides anti-oxidant protection
  • Citric Acid:  Lightens and improves skin’s texture and tone


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