Fair And White Cream-Milk Extreme Hydration

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Extremely soft and smooth skin needs extreme hydration. To provide all the nourishment your skin needs, Fair & White Original Cream Milk Extreme Hydration deeply conditions skin, smoothens skin surface, and minimizes uneven textures.


If your skin has lost its hydration and has become dry and rough, the Fair & White Original Cream Milk Extreme Hydration formula is perfect for you. It will moisturize even the most dehydrated surfaces. Your dry skin will result in a soft and supple texture that will be satin-smooth in touch. This shea butter-enhanced extreme hydrating treatment will regenerate your healthy skin and heals dryness for a youthful appearance. 


Key features

  • Deeply hydrate skin 
  • Nourishes and moisturize even the most dehydrated skins
  • Relieve irritated skin
  • Unify skin complexion


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