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1 day contact lenses will make you money in more than one way.

When it comes to coloured contact lenses, customers want a world of variety. That’s why almost everybody wants one day contact lenses.

Changing the colour of your eyes continues to grow in popularity. Having the chance to change your eye colour – not just once a year or once a month, but every day is all the rage. 

With one day coloured contact lenses, consumers are going all out with a special look for a party, a festival, even clubbing, Halloween and any other excuse to show off their new coloured eyes.

Get in on the fun! You can make a mint by making their day or night with a great range of the best in one day contact lenses.

A look for today and tomorrow

The looks are nothing short of incredible. With a set of one day contact lenses in, anyone can transform themselves in a flash – from one day to the next.

The eye catching coloured contacts are the perfect impulse buy. That’s why there is such a hunger for these little wonders.

The MesmerEyez Wholesale difference

Our quality one day coloured contact lenses are unique. Each lens overlays the natural base of the eye to create a spectacular new eye colour. 

Are they for everyone?

You better believe it.

The best part is our range of one day contact lenses are suitable for dark and light coloured eyes.

From Honey brown to Diamond Blue, even Persian Green and Indigo.

The No. 1 in 1 day contact lenses

The best of the best can be yours.

With help from MesmerEyez Wholesale, you can make more for your cosmetics store, Hair or Beauty Salon, Fashion accessories outlet, or your Pharmacy. Just select the colours you want, stock your display stand and watch the profits come rolling in.

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