Makari De Suisse Extreme Active Intense Tone Boosting Cream


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Recommended for non-sensitive skin types

Get the flawless, luminous complexion of your dreams. Formulated with argan and carrot oil, this unique Tone Boosting Gel will fade the appearance of dark spots, acne blemishes, and hyperpigmentation.

Apply a thin layer of the Boosting Gel on a freshly cleansed face at night 3x per week. Alternate with products from other lines such as a Blue Crystal, Naturalle, Caviar or Classic. This gel must be used with sunscreen during the day to prevent future hyperpigmentation.

Key Ingredients:
Mulberry root extract, Organiclarine, Argan oil, licorice extract, carrot seed oil, vitamin E, ascorbic acid, vitamin A.



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