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Dr. Clear Body Lotion has valuable vitamins besides the powerful skin lightener Phyto . Phyto is a highly effective bleaching agent made from various plant extracts such as sugar cane, maple, orange and lemon The ingredients are particularly effective against skin pigmentation and give their skin a clear complexion. The perfectly matched components make their skin not only brighter and eliminate disturbing dark spots but also give your skin moisture and the necessary care substances back, so that their skin feels pleasantly soft. Made in the USA. The Reference Clear. Discover Doctor Clear solutuions. When used everyday for our Lightening Care helps visibly brighten up your complexion. Smoothes skin tones and texturizes, thanks to the vitamins, phyto ingredients and the Prowite complex know to Improve skin’s complexion to vitaly. With everyday use. Doctor Clear Cream Fairness Lotion Care Provides moisture making the skin look brighter and younger. After four weeks, it will visibly Improve skin’s overall appearance th and texture. The tone will be clear and smooth.
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