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    Black Castor Oil Argan Shine



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    Castor Oil Silicone Free Argan Shine are powerful all purpose soothing oils that come from Jamaican castor beans that product 100 percent pure organic oil. This product combines the black castor Oil with Argan oil for excellent shine and healthy hair.

    Features and Benefits

    A multi-purpose oil for hair and skin infused with argan.

    Infused with nourishing Argan Oil, Multi-Purpose Black Castor Oil with Argan is ideal for providing abundant moisture to skin and hair while softening. Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, infused argan oil naturally boosts hair while repairing damaged strands, soothing dry, chapped skin and strengthening nails and cuticles.

    How To Use
    Add shine and moisture
    • To keep hair perfectly hydrated and add shine to dull hair, apply a small amount to damp, braided hair before drying.
      Reduce frizz and achieve beautiful curls:
    • To reduce frizz and achieve beautiful curls, apply a small amount to your hair during styling or on twisted hair.
      To control frizz, spread a little oil on your hands to define your curls.
    Root care
    • Massage the roots with your fingertips.
      Reapply as needed.


    Additional information

    Weight118 g

    4oz, 118ml


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