5 Star Series Legend. Corded Clipper WAHL



  • WAHL



New Legend features crunch blade technology for a smooth, clean cut. The Legend is the ultimate wide-range fading clipper.

Powerful heavy-duty corded clipper, ideal for continual use.
 Professional V9000 vibrator motor for ultimate durability, power and longevity.
 5 Star Wedge Blade for a smooth, clean cut.
 Chrome-plated Crunch blade technology for a smoother cut. Bottom blade has longer teeth and top blade has a unique cutting angle.
 The taper lever adjusts fade, taper and texture and has a longer throw for increased cutting length.
 High precision blades with the bottom blade features longer teeth, combined with the enhanced taper lever making a longer throw for more efficient cutting.
 2.4 meter cord
 Cutting Width:0.5 – 2.9 mm
 Cutting Length:40 mm
 Motor / Drive:V9000 vibrator motor, ~ 6,000 rpm