10-in-1 Multi-Benefit Shampoo



  • Shea Moisture

Superfruit Complex


Superfruit Complex 10 In 1 Multi Benefit Conditioner

Superfruit Complex 10 in1 Renewal System Conditioner. This antioxidant-rich conditioner helps to perfect and renew vibrancy to dull, lackluster hair. When used in our System, it detangles while providing anti-aging benefits, color protection, hydration, nourishment, rejuvenation, strength, anti-stress, manageability, softness and shine. Our Superfruit Complex nourishes the scalp, while Marula Oil and Biotin combine in a moisture rich formulation to support hairs elasticity. Hair looks vibrant and lustrous. Ten Benefits Specific for our Conditioner Age-Defy Nourish Anti-Stress Revive Body Color Protect Shine Hydrate Strengthen Manageability Soften.

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