Fair And White Purifying Lotion Dermapure

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Perfect for the perfectionist! Fair & White Original Dermapure Purifying Lotion is developed to free your skin from all sorts of blemishes. This cleansing lotion will miraculously purify your skin so you can’t tell if there were any impurities.


Clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads all make your skin look dull and cause acne. Cleans your skin with this Fair & White Original Dermapure Purifying Lotion to unclog your skin pores and reduce the chances of acne formation. This cleansing lotion will give the best results to control excess oil secretion. Salicylic acid disinfects your skin deeply and prevents further infection. Further, fair and white dermapure lotion purifiante soothes skin without causing inflammation. 



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